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We help further the development of life changing products by merging nature & cutting edge science.

The foundation of our company is to help people through developing products based on three core tenants.


Better health and well being start with high quality nutritional products that deliver valuable health benefits.

Nutrient Absorption

Many of our nutritional products include sustained release (SR) formulas that support better nutrient absorption.


We strive to improve your overall health & wellness by utilizing scientifically valued nutrients.



Green Tree Laboratories (GTL) is committed to formulating the highest standard of quality nutritional products by utilizing over 30 years of clinical research. We focus on developing nutritional formulations that are designed to have greater bioavailability to be more easily assimilated.


Supports Mood

ReCalm helps improve mood & well-being by reducing feelings associated with stress. It supports positive, balanced mood.

Improves Focus

ReCalm is scientifically formulated with natural ingredients to improve focus. Boost your productivity by improving focus.

Alleviates Stress

ReCalm helps to Support feelings of mental & physical equilibrium, while also helping to feel calm & relaxed.

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