Commitment to Excellence

Green Tree Laboratories develops the next generation of nutritional health products that offer our customers the highest quality of formulations available on the market. Our focus is to develop formulations designed to have greater bioavailability, which are assimilated better by the body. Green Tree Labs strives to make all of our products with organic ingredients whenever possible, as well as GMO-free, non-GMO verified soy lecithin.

Good Manufacturing Practices

USP’s dietary supplement GMP standards incorporate FDA’s GMP requirements as well as USP additional GMP components.

Nutrition Industry Association

Membership is comprised of companies that manufacture, distribute or provide services to the nutrition industry.

Pharmaceutical Product Testing

Comprehensive GMP laboratory services for pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Doing things differently—for the better
Green Tree Laboratories is committed to helping people. Our formulations improve the quality of life by assisting with nutrient delivery to the body, where they can be absorbed and used for specific health needs.
Quality. Compliance. Value.

Green Tree Labs has a reputation for consistently delivering the highest quality products which create trust in our distributors and customers. We are engaged in achieving sustainable value for our business and our customers. We guarantee the safety and compliance of our products and processes to regulatory standards. We strive for the highest quality and safety through continuous improvement efforts across the organization. We engage everyone across our value chain in the building of our quality culture, and we strive to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations by ensuring consistency in our products.